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Scarf energy support

Worried about energy bills and heating your home?

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Scarf to provide Caledonia residents with access to a free energy advice helpline and a dedicated advice service. 

Scarf are a national organisation charity that offers free and impartial advice on saving money on fuel bills, managing energy use and making your home warmer and more comfortable. 

Scarf advisors will help Caledonia residents by : 

  • Offering practical advice to help manage fuel use 
  • Checking and understanding their fuel bills 
  • Providing immediate crisis assistance if required 
  • Tackling fuel debts 
  • Helping people to get the best fuel deal 
  • Advising on who to contact to maximise your income 

 If you feel you could benefit from the service, please speak to your Neighbourhood Officer who can refer you or get in touch with Scarf directly: 

Call: 0808 129 0888 

Email: info@scarf.org.uk 

Visit: Scarf.org.uk 


Since our partnership with Scarf launched in November 2022, we have achieved some great outcomes including:

  • 606 enquiries handled (around 10% of our tenants)
  • Estimated saving of £84,111.93 on energy bills for the 606 households who have contacted scarf thanks to the advice and soft measures provided.
  • Scarf have provided £4744.00 of crisis funding in addition to advice and practical soft measures.
  • £6,596.67 worth of fuel debt cleared with Scarf support.


“I’d like to thank the Scarf team for their first hand service in helping me to resolve a billing dispute. The dispute had been going on for months and was making me feel really ill as I had no idea how I was going to pay. A big weight was lifted off my shoulders when they managed to resolve the issue. They also provided me with extra measures like draft excluders and energy saving bulbs to help me keep my home warm and my bills down.”

S. Thom, Dundee

“The Scarf team were excellent at supporting one of my tenants with a great service. Angela from Scarf and I carried out a joint visit to the tenant. Angela sorted ongoing issues with both the tenants meters, sourced her credit for both and supplied an air fryer. Scarf followed up with the tenant the following week to after to check all was ok.”

Katie M, Neighbourhood Officer

Remember Caledonia is here to help, please contact any staff member if you require further information about this partnership.