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Tenant Satisfaction Survey – What The Results Say

We pride ourselves as a housing association that listens, learns and develops from what our people say.

To support us in finding out what is important to our customers, we regularly carry out tenant satisfaction surveys. Our most recent survey was conducted by the independent market research company, Knowledge Partnership who contacted many of you through a combination of face to face and telephone interviews. The survey was carried out between September 20 2023 and November 9 2023 and 1,000 tenants were interviewed.

Satisfaction With Services

87.3% of customers said they are satisfied with the overall service provided by Caledonia Housing Association.

Whilst the results from the survey show we still have work to do, it is reassuring to see that the improvement work we have implemented over the last 2 years has resulted in a 5.5% increase in customer satisfaction (In 2021, 81.8% of Caledonia Housing’s tenants were satisfied with services).

Your Home

87% of customers said they are satisfied with the quality of their home.

85.1% of customers are satisfied with the repair service provided by Caledonia Housing.

88.6% of customers are satisfied with repairs related to dampness and mould.

Our aim is to provide Homes and services that make life better. This means we strive to make a positive contribution to the communities where we work by combining good quality, energy efficient housing with services that are affordable, sustainable and valued by our tenants and other customers.

One important part of this is to deliver a reliable and cost-effective repairs service. In the last 18 months, we have done lots of work to improve the service which is reflected in the 5.1% increase in customer satisfaction (in 2021 80.0% of customer were satisfied with the repair service).

We are currently working on reviewing our repairs and maintenance service and procuring the services of new, skilled contractors to deliver our services. Increased focus on damp and mould prevention and investing in our planned maintenance programme to help release pressure on our reactive repairs service, are just some of the changes we are moving forward with.

During 2022-23 we invested over £6 million on upgrades and investments to existing homes.


93% of customers are satisfied that we provide a home which is safe.

We are committed to maintaining safe homes. From employing specialist staff, to using the latest technology, we invest and constantly evolve to meet the newest safety regulations to ensure all our customers live in a home which is safe. Our website includes information on how we work to keep your homes safe.

Neighbourhood Management

84.3% of customers are satisfied with Caledonia Housing Association’s contribution to the management of the neighbourhood they live in.

Listening To You

93% of customers said they were satisfied that they are kept informed about Caledonia Housing services and decisions.

83.6% of customers are satisfied with the opportunities provided to participate in Caledonia Housing’s decision-making processes

89.2% of customers feel that Caledonia Housing treats them with fairness and respect.

Value For Money

84.1% of customers rate rent value for money as good.

During 2021, 79.7% of tenants said that rent was good value for money whilst the RSL average is 80.3% of tenants saying rent is good value.

Next steps

These results have been analysed and your feedback is being used to plan and improve our services. Action plans are being developed to identify what we can do to continue our journey to improve our performance.

Our hub teams will work with customers in their local community to progress any proposed actions so that we can continue to work together to drive further improvements.