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Scottish Social Housing Charter Report 2022-23

Each year we report to tenants and other stakeholders on our performance in delivering the Outcomes and Standards detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.  The Scottish Government’s Social Housing Charter came into force in April 2012. The Charter sets out the standards and outcomes that tenants can expect from social landlords, in terms of the quality and value for money of the services they receive, the standard of their homes, and opportunities for communication and participation in the decisions that affect them.

There are 15 Charter Outcomes, though not all apply to Housing Associations, and the Scottish Housing Regulator will monitor, assess and report on landlords’ performance against the Charter. Social landlords are also required to self assess their performance and progress in achieving the Charter standards and outcomes and report this assessment to their tenants.

This years’ report shows Caledonia Housing Association tenants and stakeholders how we performed against the outcomes set by the Scottish Housing Regulator. We also highlight our customer satisfaction feedback and areas of success and planned improvements.

The report covers the period from April 2022 to March 2023 and can be read here: Caledonia Charter Report 2022-23